Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We started our St. Patrick’s festivities yesterday while Ryan was at work. Lem and I baked our St. Patrick’s day cookies. The majority of our cookies were clovers, but we decided to cut out a few Buffalo cookies for Daddy, since he misses Buffalo on St. Patrick’s Day.


Here they are coming out of the oven.


I worked on frosting them, and Lem was not very interested in it. That is… until she got the bowl and spatula…. I forgot to take a picture of my frosted cookies, but I did take a picture of her nearly passed out in a sugar coma.


She was watching, Blue’s Clues… which is her new favourite thing to watch. In fact, two nights ago she was singing it in her sleep over the monitor. Interestingly enough, her speech is clearer when she is sleeping than it is when she is awake.

This morning, Ryan had started the Irish stew before I was even out of bed.


Doesn’t it look delicious?

He was proud to be using the Dutch Oven that he won last Fall from a work raffle.


Gratuitous dutch oven picture. Apparently he has “always wanted one”. Strange man, my husband.

I told him that next year we should think about doing some kind of St. Patrick’s Day breakfast, like green pancakes or something. Apparently he was way ahead of me, as we had “Irish Toast” for breakfast this morning.


You’ll note the clover made from powdered sugar.


We needed a picture of the four of us to hang on our wall, so we headed over to my Mama’s house to ask her to take our picture. Ry carried both babies.


A picture of our little family:


And then one after Lem got bored:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone!


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  1. mestroh said,

    March 18, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Did I tell you I absolutely LOVE that you are blogging! Thanks so much!!!

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