Nice Day for an Ice Cream

I finished this project at the end of last week, but it’s taken me a few days to get pictures of it so that I can post it in the blog. It’s one of the first toys that I have knit, and I think that I will be knitting a lot more of them… they’re FAST! This one in particular was perfect since Lem’s favourite thing these days is ICECREAM!


I did mess up on the cone… blame it on having two kids and not a lot of concentration for following patterns lately.

Regardless of this, Lem was pretty excited when I passed it to her and screamed “MAMA MAKE ICECREAM” and then giggled.


Yesterday we did some hard core cleaning and decluttering. We put away our snowman dishes and brought out our beautiful blue dishes that we got for our wedding (we love them!). We also went through all of Lem’s 12-18 month clothing so that we could list and sell it. We had an appointment in the afternoon for someone to come take a look at the stuff, and she left with $80 worth of clothes (which actually didn’t even make a dent in these sorted bags, unfortunately).


We have a few more interested people in the listings that I’ve already done, and I’ll be doing some more over the next few days.

I’ll be working on a preemie sweater for my cousin as well, who just found out that she’ll have to give birth at 32 weeks. Here’s one that I made with this pattern a couple of weeks ago for an online friend:


Except I will be doing it in cream, tan, and blues… I will likely include a hat (I did with that one as well, but didn’t take pictures).

And here is my snowboarder baby, A-man.



1 Comment

  1. mom said,

    March 12, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Just happened to check this blog again and was surprised you are posting to this again. So happy that you are. I love the pictures! Now I will check it every day!

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