Slow and Steady…

So I started packing boxes full of stuff that needs to leave the house yesterday, and since I said that I would update as I work on decluttering, I thought that I would do so.

Yesterday we added these things to our “get rid of” pile:
-some clothes
-a scale
-an iron
-some knick knacky things
-a couple of small toys
-another box of books

I also rearranged furniture in Lem’s room so that her bed, the dresser, and her playhouse is in there. The playhouse looks big in her room, though, so we might have to change it around again and move it down to the basement when the playroom gets finished, we’ll see what we think after a few days.

We’re thinking of putting eavestrough bookshelves up in Lem’s room and possibly also in the basement playroom to make a “reading corner” down there.

To see what I mean, visit this link:

Well, I just got my knitpicks order in the mail, so I better go take a look at it (lots of yarn and a lovely book… I have some very specific projects in mind that are going to go on the needles VERY soon!)


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