Dressers – Before

Last weekend, Ryan and I decided that we were going to work on refinishing the dressers that we got for FREE for Alexander and Lemmie’s rooms. We had purchased the wrong paint for the job, so it started with a trip to Walmart to get the right stuff.

Here is Alex’s dresser. This is actually after we had done quite a bit of peeling off stickers, etc. So it was actually in worse shape than it appears here:

I do have pictures of Ryan painting the dresser, which I will share when I do the completed dresser post. We have to purchase knobs for the dresser and then it’ll be all done. We’re thinking something brassy would fit in well with his pirate themed bedroom.

Here is the picture of Lem’s dresser. For now we have just cleaned it, which made it look a pretty white colour (without stickers) again. It is in her room and full of clothing, but we intend to put a flower on the front of it, as well as cards to tell her what goes into her drawers. She’s so independent that she’s becoming interested in dressing herself, and the picture cards will be a great help for that in the not so distant future. We just need to find some reasonably priced contact paper.

This is the before picture of her dresser. I’ll wait until the flower and picture cards are on hers before I do the “after” photo for her, as well.


1 Comment

  1. Emma said,

    November 13, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    That is an awesome free score! Gotta love that price.

    Can’t wait to see the finished ones!

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