Sunday Was Not a Day of Rest

It was a very busy weekend at our house. Especially on Sunday!

Ryan and Lem spent two hours outside on Sunday morning, pulling up tomato plants, and all of the rest of our garden. We wanted to make sure that all of the dead plants were pulled up before it snows.

Here are a couple of cute pictures of them with their wheelbarrow. Isn’t Lem such a cute little Daddy’s helper?

While they were outside I worked on cleaning up the office so that we can be ready to renovate and paint it in the New Year. It is not finished, it’s really not even close to being finished… but HUGE progress was made, and I will share the before pictures, even though they are really, really embarassing.

The before pictures always remind me of the “Hoarders” documentary on TV. Except obviously we do not hoard rotten food and garbage…. the piles of stuff are still incredible and a force to be reckoned with.

So here they are.

So as soon as I finish the office, I’ll post “after” pictures. I imagine it won’t be too much longer… it really was some major progress that was made in there on Sunday, just not finished yet, so there’s no point in posting pictures of my beautiful room when it’s not done!


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