September Progress

So while we’re still nowhere near where we want to be as far as cleaning, organizing, and decluttering, the truth of the matter is that we’ve made a fair amount of progress this past month.

We spent some more time in the basement, sorted a lot of stuff into junk and recycling piles, and have been working at selling items on the local online classifieds. I’ve had a fair amount of success with that.

I think that the most challenging part of decluttering for me is letting things go without people purchasing them. I am tempted to list even the cheapest things online (that no one will pay for) just in case I can recoop some of the costs of it… cleaning and decluttering would be a lot easier if I just allowed the stuff to get out of my space, and sent it on it’s way to a merrier home where it can clutter up someone else’s space.

I did it though, this month. I let go of two large grocery bags of movies that we bought for cheaper than a movie rental, watched, and didn’t overly love or wouldn’t watch again. The point is… when we bought them we knew that they weren’t going to be major blockbusters. We bought them because it was cheaper to buy them than rent a movie… we figured if we watched them once we’d have gotten our money’s worth… so WHY DID I LIST THEM ON THE CLASSIFIEDS 15 different times before realizing I could just give them away???

Small, slow progress, right?



  1. Sophia said,

    October 9, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    I’m right with you! I think I have thousands of dollars sitting here and I spend years trying to recoup and sell it all and it’s not making a dent. I don’t know how to overcome getting rid of it without trying to sell on all the outlets. What makes it worse is that it eventually does sell. I quit counting my time ages ago.

  2. mestroh said,

    October 10, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    Just my opinion, I found that donating some of the stuff to either Goodwill or Amvets or Salvation Army is good. That way, I get it out of my house and don’t have to deal with it, and I know the Goodwill or whatever organization makes some much needed money to help other people, and that there is a person out there who actually wanted the item and paid money for it. Granted, I didn’t get any money for it, but it is one step better than just tossing something. At least it is benefiting someone.

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