The night that we found out that we were having a baby boy, we started throwing around ideas for a nursery. Should we have a zoo theme? A sports theme? A farm theme? All good choices, but nothing was *really* sticking out at us the way that we wanted it to.

As we chatted on the phone during one of Ryan’s breaks at work he said “We should have a pirate theme! Y’arrr!”.


Just brilliant.

How fun is a pirate room for a little boy? And so as soon as we had a theme, we started in on ideas. What goes with pirates? Parrots! Patches! Skulls and crossbones! Flags! Maps! Ships! Treasure! The list goes on and on and there are SO many ways to make this pirate room the coolest baby nursery on the planet.

The first thing that I did, being me, was google ideas for a pirate room.

So many cool ideas:


Wouldn’t a cool pirate ship kite make a great “mobile” for above the crib?


An unfinished boat steering wheel from Michael’s and a coat of stain would look awesome up on the wall.

Of course I sew, and so my first thought was to find fabrics for different projects. There are quite a few really cool pirate fabrics out there… but with shipping to Canada coming in at $10-$15, I have to be careful who I am buying from and how much.

I did purchase this material for pirate nursery curtains for a very reasonable price including fabric. I bought it from . Her shipping was very reasonable, and she did also have some really cute monkey pirate fabric, but I just didn’t want to spend TOO much on fabric right now.


I also went on a small ebay spree for some pre-cut squares for both the baby’s and Lemmie’s quilts. Here is the cute fabric that I got for the baby’s quilt:


We have SO MANY other ideas, but I think that we should start with this and go from there.

Besides, I have a backlog of projects that need to be finished and sent out before I can get TOO involved in redoing kid’s rooms.

Stay tuned for a similar update on Lem’s room (which will hopefully by done by the end of November!).


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  1. April 1, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    Nice tweaks. Will look for for Lem’s room 🙂

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