Window Shopping with El

So… I have decided to do a blog entry today that is inspired by Grace at ‘s blog. She has her “Birthday List” up, and really it just seemed like it would be fun to list the things that I would like to purchase. Window shopping if you will. Enjoy my window shopping list.

I absolutely love these gliders and would love to have one for our living room. They glide so easily, and the place to put your feet up looks wonderful. I’ve told Ryan that this is on my Christmas list, so I have my fingers crossed!

I’d love to get my haircut sometime between now and December. My hair is so heavy and so long that I feel like it’s weighing me down a bit. Something shorty and cute is just what I’m looking for. It’d be a bonus if I actually looked like Halle Berry, but the haircut would be super even on it’s own.

Camera that isn’t broken and a camera case so that the new camera doesn’t get broken
Just sad that my camera got broken at the Zoo. A replacement with a pretty case would be excellent.

Reliable Computer
No picture because I’m just not very specific about this. We just need to find a computer that doesn’t shut down when we try to upload pictures and whatnot. We haven’t even talked about it much… and aren’t sure if we’re even looking at a laptop or desktop, but this is not a realistic list, it’s a dream list… so on it goes.

Cute new crib bedding for the new baby
We really like the Precious Planets bedding, but we’ll have a better idea when we (hopefully) find out the gender of the new baby (one week until we find out!).

Crib Mattress for the new baby since Lemmie brought hers to her toddler bed:
Pretty self-explanatory. This one is more of an essential than a luxury thing. We’ll be able to put it off until probably March or April, though.

A progression picture frame for the new baby so that I can hang it near Lem’s. This one is cute.
Just one of those little things that I’m sure we’ll pick up sometime along the line.

New pajama pants
New pajama pants in general would be wonderful, as I’m likely going to be spending a lot of time in them just before and after the new baby is born.

Truefit Carseat for the new baby
It’s possible that we’re going to be getting carseats used from a friend who is getting rid of a couple of hers. That would be excellent, because then we would be getting them at a reduced cost.

Carson yarn from Three Irish Girls
I have been loving this yarn for quite some time, now. Would love to get my hands on it, but it’s costly…. so I’ll put it on the dream list instead.

Interchangeable Needles from KnitPicks
Because these are really clever… I mean, seriously… you always have all of the sizes.

Maternity Pants
Apparently I mostly had jeans during my last pregnancy. So a couple of pairs of maternity pants would be good.
I looked at the maternity tops at the same place as I got this picture, and they are really cute… but thanks to my mother-in-law, and my clothing stash from Lemmie, I have lots of maternity tops right now. There’s a lot of cute stuff out there, right now, though.
They also had a cute dress, but I don’t really think I have anywhere to wear a dress.

Little People Farm
Of course, if I’m putting together a wishlist, then I might better add something on for Lemmie. What could be more fun than this little people farm? She likes to play with her Little People Dollhouse (which I had to buy because they were out of the farm)… but she has recently become very into animal noises, so I think she’d love this.

Custom BabyHawk with Minky
And something for the new baby (and for me) A babyhawk carrier with minky on the inside:
Because minky will be comfy and cozy in the winter when the baby is born.



  1. Grace said,

    August 21, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Woohoo! This is a proper wish list. I support it.

  2. Ryan said,

    October 10, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    We can cross off the car seats, haircut and camera. yay!

  3. November 13, 2010 at 10:00 am

    we spceially choose crib beddings with padded foams because it is much more comfortable to use ;.:

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