Basement Progress

So this blog post is coming approximately one week late, but I wanted to kind of document our progress on the basement. Unfortunately I thought of this idea after we worked down there for one hour, but I will have you know that it was pretty near full of boxes, Christmas stuff out of packages, and a LOT of recycling.

Here are some pictures of the progress that we made in only ONE HOUR! It should serve as motivation to us, and to anyone else that is working towards decluttering and organizing their space!

This is to the right when you walk down the stairs.

And this is to the left when you walk down the basement stairs (where the office will be).

Now, this is still a rather large mess, but we were able to get together 5 boxes of cardboard, 2 bags of recycling, and a large bag of trash when we worked for only one hour. We went through boxes and got rid of things that just are not dear to us anymore, and sorted out things that needed to be returned to others.

We still have a LONG way to go, but I’m really excited about how much we got done in such a short time. I feel like this won’t be as hard as I originally thought… that being said, we haven’t gotten to the craft stuff yet!


1 Comment

  1. Kristen said,

    August 9, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    I’m totally inspired. 😀

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