Knit Lites – Size 10 – A Review


For Mother’s Day, I bought myself a half priced clearance set of Knit Lite needles.

The concept behind these needles is amazing. Especially for someone like me that does a lot of knitting in the car. When you flip a switch at the back of the needles, a light comes on in the tips, allowing you to see in the dark, or to work with complex yarn.

The price was right, at slightly costlier than the price of a standard basic set of needles. I don’t think that I would have ever paid the $12.99 regular price for a pair, though.

When I first saw these needles I thought “Oh my God, they are going to be HEAVY”. They are surprisingly light, but are not very well balanced, as the battery packs are in the back. The needles take two watch batteries per needle, and I have not researched the cost of replacing the batteries, but they are good for over 400 knitting hours according the box, so that’s a significant amount of knitting time per set of batteries.

I’m not really big on the yellow of these needles, but I’m not very particular about the colour of my needle. They had limited sizes left, and so I was forced to buy the longer needles, where I prefer a shorter needle (especially for small projects like the sweater that I am using this particular set for).

All in all, I would give the Knit Lite needles a 6.5/10, and would be willing to try a shorter pair in a smaller size.



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