Home Improvements

Lately we have been slowly making a conscious effort to improve the state of our home through tidying, decluttering, and rearranging things. Our most recent project was our master bedroom. We moved our bed, and the most important improvement was staining the tables that my grandfather made for us several years ago (they had previously been bare wood). With a bit more cleaning our room will come together really nicely, I think.

This week and weekend is going to be super busy.

Tonight and tomorrow’s project is the master bathroom. With the bedroom renovation a lot of stuff has gotten shoved into boxes that got put into the master bathroom. Mostly boxes of clothing that Lem has outgrown. I need to put the ducky stuff up in that bathroom, clean all of the surfaces, clean out the medicine cabinet and the cupboard under the sink, and then that room should be completely finished. This room sees regular attention for the most part, but needs to be decluttered badly.

Saturday’s project is the kitchen. Our kitchen is pretty much a write off. There is stuff piled on counters that has no place, there is no recycling system in place other than keep it on the counter until someone decides to do something with it, and the floors, counter tops, and microwave all need a really, really good scrub. Saturday morning I will be getting up bright and early (Ok… at the same time as normal, but it’s pretty bright by then!) and will be redoing our kitchen. Everything in every cupboard will come out, the cupboards will be wiped down, and anything that we will not use is going to be put in either a food bank box, or a yardsale box, depending on what it is. (No food at the yardsale)

Sunday and Monday I’m going to focus on the office. Ryan tries to do his blog in the mornings, and it would be a lot easier for him if he could set it up so that Lia can play freely in the computer room while he works on it. Our office is the place where everything that doesn’t have a place gets shoved. It has boxes of momentoes, souveniors, paperwork that needs filing, baby stuff that needs sorting/selling, and a whole lot of garbage. I should be picking up some more boxes so that I can pack up all kinds of yardsale stuff from this room as well.

I’m also going to be cleaning out Lia’s room. I’ve posted her Winnie the Pooh stuff on kijiji in hopes that I can sell it and redo her room in a garden theme with butterflies, dragonflies, etc., which will suit her a lot more, I think. So hopefully that will sell this weekend and we can get started on that as soon as possible.

I’m really excited for the changes, but it’s going to be an awful lot of work in the next couple of weeks. Let’s hope that the motivation keeps up and we get a LOT done!

(See my Knit Lite review under this post…. I may only do two entries a month some months, but today I did two entries in ONE DAY!)



  1. mestroh said,

    May 27, 2009 at 11:02 am

    How is the “decluttering” coming?

  2. El said,

    May 27, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    It’s a slow process. The office is so full that it’s hard to tell where to start. We’ve got boxes for a yardsale, though.

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