Treasure Map

So I was reading online and came across “Treasure Maps” which are basically vision boards of the things that you’d like in the next year.

Here is what my map symbolizes:

Top left is a couple relaxing on a hammock. One of my goals is to slow down more. It’s also symbolic of relationship – and remembering the good things about my relationship with Ry and how important he is to me. The picture of the guy in the hat and girl is the two of us when we first started dating. Above is a water scene with “simple” … being around the water gives me great headspace. There is a little sticker of the sun, and a red envelope… red is a good woo colour and I want to get lots of happy mail this year. The red/green picture is tomatoes with grapes underneath with “Your Choice” written across them. I want to make it my choice to eat fruits and vegetables. “Health” with an apple. The top right is a card that my grandma sent me for my birthday last year and when I got it I thought to myself “I wish everyone could see me the way that this card describes me”… it’s my “best self”.

Along the middle – the S picture is a new mattress, underneath is a freezer (we’d like to get a new freezer and work on freezer meals). A Cleveland Indians jersey because we are going to go see a game in Cleveland this year. A college logo. Save $500 with a house as a piggy bank (saving to buy a house), “Great Expectations”, a woman in a really nice sweater who has a nice body and a great smile, a clean clear decluttered bedroom to symbolize how I want our house to be, “Grow” with some sunflower pictures. A picture of out East. A picture of the patio set that we’re getting with our tax refund. A pair of knitted socks with some yarn and a logo for knitpicks.

Bottom left is a bag full of yarn and needles. I want a new knitting bag. Also it’s a pattern…. which I’m learning more how to follow patterns and have ambitions to even write some patterns. Swimming lesson schedule for Lemmie, a sandcastle, elephants for the zoo… basically family stuff that I want to do. Ryan and Lem hugging, and a picture of a baby dancing on their mom’s feet… (I hope that Lem’s feet do well and the picture just really spoke to me).


1 Comment

  1. Ryan said,

    March 31, 2009 at 3:03 am

    🙂 I’m so glad we did this project. I thought it was, as you would say, a little too “woo” when you first told me about it. But I really enjoyed it.

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