I’d like to start this post off with an adorable picture that I took of Ryan and Lemmie this morning. I know that I often post pictures of the two of them sitting together reading, but really it’s their favourite thing to do together, so they do it a lot.

Now to the regular blog post.

Last year, in the Fall, I bought Lem a LOT of clothing. I bought it in size 18 months, because she was true to sizes at that point. Well… fast forward to Spring… and she’s a peanut. There are still some 6 month items that she fits in, and she comfortably fits 12 months. So in spite of the fact that I bought her a whole summer wardrobe, I went out today to buy her a few dresses that won’t fall off of her this Spring.

She is far too sleepy to endure trying on dresses for a photoshoot, and so I will have to show you what I bought without pictures of the little girl who will be wearing them.

My mom came with us and bought Lia this dress from Walmart:

And I bought this one and a Dora video (which is the reason why I can blog right now instead of chasing a toddler around):


I also bought this yarn:


SOMEONE is getting a handknit sweater for Christmas!

Then I went to the consignment store and bought a pair of pants for myself and some other summer dresses for Lemmie. Shown here:




And my personal favourite:


So that was today’s shopping trip. I got great deals on everything….

Stay tuned for my next blog entry: Unfinished projects (hopefully)


1 Comment

  1. Helen said,

    March 24, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    What a fantastic haul! Now stop talking about Christmas, you’ll hurt the easter bunny’s feelings.

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