A couple of finished objects and the YARN SHOP

Since the last blog post, I finished my pair of socks. Unfortunately, the heel on the socks is too large, and so they do a poochie thing at the back. My next pair I will shorten the heel and continue knitting up the leg.

Here is a picture of my poochie sock:


More interestingly, I finished a poncho for Lemmie. Here are a couple of pictures of the poncho:



I have some yarn in the mail on it’s way to me from a few generous people who were getting rid of part of their yarn stash, and I found an industrial sized spool of pink yarn at Value Village for $4.00 the other day, and am working on knitting it into a tiny sweater for Lemmie.

I also visited a yarn store. I’d like to point out to readers that at this wonderful, beautiful, unbelievable yarn store I did not buy ONE SINGLE THING for myself. I bought the items to make a gift, though. I can’t tell you what I bought, because it is a very, very special gift for someone who reads the blog… but I will be starting it sometime this week!


1 Comment

  1. Grace said,

    March 30, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    My Lord! That poncho is too cute!

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