So…. a belated blog post about the MBOY (Magic Ball of Yarn) swap that I participated in over at the MDC forums.

Here’s my pretty MBOY:


I recieved this lovely MBOY from someone I talk to multiple times every day. She’s a really, really kick butt online friend, and it was cool that she randomly got my name because she sort of knows what I like.

So here’s what was included (the picture does not do it justice).

-screenprinted stationary with the cutest picture of a child in a bear costume – she drew the child herself
-turquoisey blue sock yarn from knitpicks
-the deepest, softest purple sock yarn that I have ever felt
-a ball of Cha Cha yarn in purple, green, and turquoise that Lem has since claimed for her own and I made into a cat stuffed toy for her
-some fabric scraps that will make their way into a quilt I’m sure
-BPAL perfume scents that are really pretty
-a silky treasure bag
-a locket with an L on the front (and it’s BLUE)

I was so incredibly happy about my mail, it totally made my day. The Cha Cha I have already used, and the sock yarn I am going to be working on as soon as I finish the socks that are currently on my needles.




  1. jenniedee said,

    February 14, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    😀 Yay! I’m really glad you liked it, though I bet by now you wish I’d put some bulky yarn in there 😉

  2. Ryan said,

    February 17, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    I even enjoyed the coconut mystery dum dum that El didn’t want. It was good, and only two licks shy of a full dum dum.

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