Crafty Plans

So… it’s no secret that I’m Miss. Crafty…. and that I love nothing more than pulling out my knitting needles or my sewing machine and making stuff all day… I thought I’d share some of the plans that I have for future items.

1.  Towel to Oven Door Attachemajigs

Sort of like these, but matching my kitchen.  These are so old fashioned, but do not mess with a good thing.  It’s going to be handy to not have our towels go walking away from where they are needed.

2.  Finishing Ryan’s Scarf


It looks sort of like this, but in brown.

3.  Hat, scarf, and mitts for myself.

Something cabley and beautiful.

4.  2 different pairs of longies for Mini-Duncan

This-ish.  But with great wool.  And by this-ish, I mean that I’m going to learn how to make them seam across the crotch instead of making them seperate legs that just connected in the middle.

5.  Several pairs of small person pajamas

6.  A new cover for Lems’ changing pad.  One that is brown and pink since that’s the colour scheme that we’re moving into for her room.

7.   Several used clothing quilts in various patterns

Currently looking for backings for these. I’m excited about using some of my favourite older clothing to make some warm snugglies.

I also have some orders that I have to work on for my store, which of course have to take precedent and are already in progress.   It’s going to be a GREAT crafting year 🙂


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