Yard Sale Wishlist

It’s snowy and cold… the wind is cold and it’s the middle of January.  So, naturally, I am thinking about it being Spring and visiting yard sales.


In the past, I have had problems with yardsales.  I go and I see this pretty knick knack, or that great big bag of fabric/yarn/crafty stuff and I go ahead and buy it – post haste.  This year, I’m yard saling on a stricter budget.  I’m not only buying things that are cute and won’t have a place when I take them home, but I’m going to go out yardsaling with a purpose. 


A list of things that I would like to find at a yardsale this summer:



1.  CD Storage in book form

I think that this one should be relatively easy to find.  It just seems like something that people would buy and then decide that they want something else.  Or something that someone would be gifted with.  I’m looking for two large books so that I can store Ryan’s CD collection and our DVD collection and save a ton of space (Right now his CDs take up an entire bookcase).


2.  A baby gate

I’m actually hoping to find this on kijiji or craigslist before the Spring, but I’d love to put a babygate at the top of our steps so that Lem can have free range of the entire upstairs.  I think she’d love that.


3.  Sleek wall shelving

Some shelves to hang on the wall where I *can* put the knick knacky stuff that I don’t want to part with as I declutter.


4.  A Glider Rocker

I really secretly want one of these for the living room.  Right  now I have the rocker that my Mom used with me for Lem, but it’s kind of awkward and difficult to use.  I’d ideally like to find a place for it as well, but I so love the rocker and ottomans that I see at Babys R Us, etc. 


5.  Wool Sweaters/Wool/Yarn

Only in colours that I will actually use, though.  I don’t want a stash of yarn that isn’t going to get used at all.  That being said, I am looking at doing some stuff with “leftovers”, etc.  (Like some blankets)… so if the price is right, I may bend on this. 


6.  Books – but only good ones

I’m sick of spending too much at yardsales for books.  I’m not spending more than $1 on a hardcover yardsale book, and no more than .50 for a softcover (unless it’s one that I’ve been looking at at  a bookstore.  I’m also going to limit my bookstore spending this year to almost nothing, so I don’t want to be too stingy with this.


7.  Resaleable Things

This year if I find things at insane prices I’m taking them home and reselling them.  I’m hoping it’ll bring in a little bit of extra money (not a lot), and I’d like to get an eye for the things that will sell well.  We’re really working at getting rid of debt, so I’m hoping that anything that I make in this way can go directly towards that.


That’ll have to be my lucky seven for now.  I may have to add to it later, but these are the main things that I’m going to be seeking out.



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