Happy New Year – Days late and a few dollars short

In true me style, I opened up my wonderful decluttering calendar for 2009 for the first time today.  I printed it off last year thinking “This’ll be the year I do it!  I’m going to completely declutter everything!”  I had peeked through it before and saw that basically it was a manageable one task a day. 

Well so far there hasn’t been one on the list that I’ve actually wanted to do.  I have not taken down my Christmas decorations yet, and don’t want to do it for another week or two, and the kitchen really is not my realm of expertise (thank you, Ryan, I love you!).  But I have to do *something* from this calendar, and I dont’ really want to skip the room entirely, so I thought maybe it would be a good idea for me to visualize what I’d like my kitchen to look like.

*cue dream music*

My ideal kitchen would absolutely have a dishwasher.

We have a dishwasher downstairs that isn’t installed yet, and the thought of it makes me giddy.  We spend an absurd amount of time washing dishes and bottles that we could better spend somewhere else in the house.   Not only will a dishwasher save me time, but it will also allow me to get rid of my bottle drying rack, and my dish drying rack. 

My dream kitchen would have rearranged cupboards.  Right now we are not nearly maximizing our cupboard space.  We’ve got a pantry downstairs and a bunch of canned stuff upstairs.  We’ve got lots of packages of old food that is expired and should be gotten rid of, and our storage ideas for dishes just aren’t up to snuff.  I’d love to move things around and just have a more organized way of getting to all of our kitchen stuff.  This includes drawers!

My broom closet would be just that – a broom closet.  Not a place to stow anything that doesn’t have a place.  My bureau would be totally cleared out and used for kitchen things instead of as three huge junk drawers and some cabinets for hiding away things that we don’t use.  The bar would be cleared off and would basically just be a message center for the phone.  My clock would be hung – really now, we’ve lived here for a year, hang my clock.  My garbage would be likely moved under the sink.  I’m not liking it being outside of a cupboard with a one year old.

*end dream music*

So there – my task complete, I’d have a beautiful, organized, streamlined kitchen.  I see some really manageable tasks on that list – getting the dishwasher connected, hanging the clock, and slowly going through cupboards/drawers.    I didn’t really see the relevance of sitting down and figuring out what I wanted in a kitchen, but I sort of see it now.  By doing the imagination game, I now have reasonable goals to work towards.  Go Simplicity Calendar!

If YOU would like to work on the Simplicity Calendar, too, then here’s the link:



1 Comment

  1. jenniedee said,

    January 8, 2009 at 4:21 am

    I’m going to work through that calendar. I decluttered my counter today! Go me! I’d love to make a post about my dream kitchen. Hmmmm. My goals wouldn’t be reasonable in any way, though.

    Maybe we could just do the calendar and sort of hold each other to it? I don’t know why I’m not emailing you instead. I just like leaving comments.

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